One Lovely Blog Award

Warm thanks to The Burlesque Baker for nominating me for WordPress’s One Lovely Blog Award. There’s a lot of great baking and body-positivity going on on her blog. Check it out!

As per the rules of the award, here are some facts about myself and some nominations for other great WordPress blogs I think you should check out.

The facts:

1. As children, my two siblings and I all ended up in hospital for sniffing foreign objects up our noses. Sister did erasers, brother did peas, I did rock candy necklace bits. Foodie OG.
2. I’m planning on getting a dog soon. Probably a miniature daschund!
3. I’ve barely travelled outside of Canada.
4. I had to have nine teeth removed as a child. They wouldn’t fall out.
5. In kindergarten, there was a poster of a tooth. Whenever someone lost a tooth, they got their name on the poster. I never got my name on the poster. So, at the end of the year, my teacher rolled it up and gave it to me. My mum still has it.
6. I recently bought a desktop computer.
7. I’m fiercely independent.

The nominations:

Ridha’s Kitchen

Scarpetta Dolcetto

Peri’s Spice Ladle

Desperately Seeking Dinner

The Vagabond Baker



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