Speakeasy [Union Local 613 Industry Opening, 15/07/12]

Shush! Ottawa’s first speakeasy since who knows when, Union Local 613, will be open to the public on Tuesday night.

Upstairs is a long, dark room lit just barely by industrial fixtures of searing red elements trapped in clear glass.

The basement features a bunker-like, concrete-walled room. Separate entrance included.

The secret downstairs room.

Warm, gleaming and grainy bars are sided by clink-clinking tractor seat stools. Taps are topped with dull knives and rolling pins.

The bar has a focus on whiskey and prohibition era cocktails.

The menu features Southern cuisine, including BBQ and Creole.

Oyster beignets.

Chef Lord and his sous make grilled cheese.

Seating is both private and communal, with two heavy wooden harvest tables in the back.

The team behind it, Ivan Gedz, Matt Fantin and chef Chris Lord, came together at the Wellington Gastropub.

Matt Fantin and friends.

Union Local 613
315 Somerset St. West
open lunch to late


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