Babies and Old People [Green Juice “Limeade”]


The year I was born, my great grandmother passed away. We never met, but I was named after her in commemoration. We share the same first two initials, “L.M.”. A little girl to help fill the void left by a beloved little old lady. Families can never grow with any permanency, but only evolve.

My father was very close to his grandma, and I know that he still misses her. She lived long and he really got to know her and was able to relate to her as a person, instead of just a family member.

My sister is due to give birth to a baby boy in April, and now I feel like I’m falling into history repeating itself.

A few weeks ago, my grandpa went to the hospital because he couldn’t breathe well. I swung between relief and bawling my eyes out with every update leading to the diagnosis: congestive heart failure. My grandpa has a heart condition which until old age didn’t cause any problems. He had to have major heart surgery four years ago to deal with calcified valves. His aorta was over 85% closed over. And now this.

The problem is with the mitral valve. Basically, when his heart pumps, the final valve doesn’t close properly, so blood rushes back into his heart. The blood moving more slowly is what caused the calcification. But the blood rushing back into the heart has also caused his heart to have to work overtime for his entire life, and it’s tired now. So tired that the system of getting oxygen from the lungs into the blood is starting to fail and cause fluids to be pushed into the lungs.

His doctors have given him some medication to help keep the fluid drained, and he is back at home now. But there’s nothing they can do for the real problem, his heart. Right now he is happy and looking pretty good all things considered. His positivity and will to do are exemplary.

I continue to be inspired by the force that comes to mind most often in difficult times: my grandpa.

Green Juice “Limeade”

1 bunch celery, cleaned
2 cucumbers, whole
1 lime, whole
2 green apples, cored and quartered

Run all ingredients, except for ice, through a juicer. Pour into glasses and add ice as desired.


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