Transitional [Arepas with Chorizo and Eggs]

Transitional [Arepas with Chorizo and Eggs]

September: a month for clothes you haven’t seen people wear all summer. You know what I mean. It’s that time of year for justifying that boho-chic dress you bought on sale and then realized was so passé. Well if you wear it at least once. In the most frightening scenario, maybe it even becomes workwear. I … Continue reading

Beach Picnic [Lamingtons Squares]

Beach Picnic [Lamingtons Squares]

This recipe was new to me. I was instructed to make it for a theme party. It was a Scandinavian/Australian lunch and beach picnic — a send off for a colleague moving to Australia who just loves smoked fish. Tid bit: we actually ended up on the clothing optional sand, as the more reserved section … Continue reading

How It Went [Chilled Yellow Zucchini Soup with Cured Strawberries]

How It Went [Chilled Yellow Zucchini Soup with Cured Strawberries]

After last week’s post, I really feel I need to give you all a debrief on how things went. The answer is: good! I didn’t get 10/10 for driving on the highway, but I did average teetering on B+ by my instructor’s standards, and certainly much better than I expected. Hoo boy was I nervous … Continue reading

Freeway [Fresh Tomato Stew]

Freeway [Fresh Tomato Stew]

On Tuesday I have to drive on the freeway for the first time. I have to go 100 km/h, or more if that’s what traffic is doing. Just thinking about it I feel a flutter of anxiety that wants to burst into a full on thumping heart. I don’t dislike driving. It’s just … being … Continue reading

Peach Season [Calamari with Peach Puree and Seared Scallions]

Peach Season [Calamari with Peach Puree and Seared Scallions]

Peaches are a thing to get die hard about. This god-given fruit is in season for about as long as brown lipstick for Fall 2013, so there’s no room for messing around. Get die hard. Store in a plastic bag, or no? Refrigerate, or HELL no? There is overwhelming photographic evidence that I can demolish … Continue reading

Raspberry Farm [Polish Cheesecake]

Raspberry Farm [Polish Cheesecake]

When you promise someone a cake, you’d better make it. A girl at work was headed out to shoot a video at a raspberry farm. To say the least, I was a bit jealous. All that sunshine (and all those berries!). I shoot too, but usually not anything like that. So I cut a little … Continue reading


Lifting [Tuna Ceviche]

The intersection of food and fitness is such a cliche topic for a food blog. But today I’m going for it anyways. Team sports aren’t really my thing. But running — been doing it since high school. Back in February, I set a fresh goal for myself that was completely outside of my comfort zone: … Continue reading

Niagara [Roasted Shiitake, Spring Onion, and Butter Lettuce Salad with Ponzu]

Niagara [Roasted Shiitake, Spring Onion, and Butter Lettuce Salad with Ponzu]

It’s amazing how little you commit to memory without making an effort to commit things to memory. For the long weekend, we and the poodle set out on a getaway to Niagara to visit my grandparents. Niagara is gorgeous in summer. There’s no better word to describe it than lush. The boughs of the enormous … Continue reading

Thyme and Rocks [Parsley and Wild Rice Salad]

Thyme and Rocks [Parsley and Wild Rice Salad]

My garden is “in the ground”, if I can say that. We’re doing some vegetable and herb container gardening on the balcony this summer. Might as well make use of the 100 or so square feet we’ve got out there. The balconies in our building are huge! So far things are looking pretty good with … Continue reading


Conflict in Ukraine [Syrniki with Strawberry Varenye]

Sometimes world events touch a place deep inside of us where identity itself resides. For some time now, reclaiming my culture by learning the traditional recipes of Ukraine has been a priority. Some of these recipes come from family, and others I have pieced together through research and cookbooks.          The last independence … Continue reading